Sydney Fire Extinguisher is a privately owned and operated company, having been established since 2011. Which gives us extensive experience in the fire protection industry in Sydney. We are a progressive firm with our base located in Guildford. Our reputation with our clientele has become very firm and respected over the years by our ability to maintain a good, close, personal, working relationship, and by giving at all times, what we believe is the best service of any company in our field. The idea behind entering in fire service industry was to be able to provide cost-effective, compliant and high-quality fire extinguishers in Sydney. We have been able to keep the prices of our fire safety products low so that they are affordable to everyone. we also assist you with fire emergency plans, fire compliance testing, fire warden training, competent fire safety certification, fire statement.

Why Sydney Fire Extinguisher?

We have tried our best to provide the best and most cost-effective way to provide service in fire extinguisher in comparison to many other Fire Extinguisher Companies in Sydney. We adhere to the required Australian Standard AS2444-2001 and the required Building code of Australia Clause E1.6 of the BCA and other regulatory requirements. Our design is ‘just right’ for the building and compliant. No unnecessary expense and no compromise in safety. This is how we stand out from other Fire protection service provider in Sydney.

Our commitment to our client

Sydney Fire Extinguisher respects the experience and skills of its staff and the contribution that each individual makes to the team. We recognise that pride and enjoyment in the job comes from commitment, leadership by example and accomplishment.

At Sydney Fire Extinguisher, our goal remains to work together as a team to reward, train and develop our staff and acknowledge performance and individual abilities. Our workforce continues to expand, a reflection of the continued increasing activity in the market place. Timely delivery and certification have been our strength in this sector. Fire Extinguisher usually being left out till the end in any project, there is usually a last-minute rush. So, it is important to make sure that this is addressed before it gets too late in the project timeline. For our client with whom we get engaged from the beginning of the project, our systematic project management process takes care of this last-minute rush and even delay in the occupancy certificate, in case of new occupancy. Otherwise, delay in occupancy could mean loss of time opportunity or avoiding penalty.

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SPS Fire And Safety offers quality fire products that gives you a powerful defence against fire.

We also offer fire extinguisher training, servicing and maintenance and a full range of fire protection services in Sydney.

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