Fire Evacuation Drill is a method of practising where the occupants of the building are trained on how to evacuate the building safely and timely in the event of fire emergency. Usually where the Fire Detection and Alarm System OR Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS) is installed, evacuation drill is carried out by activating those systems.


We have qualified consultants and safety trainers to conduct evacuation drill at client’s premises.

Fire Evacuation Drill is carried out under the guideline of Australian Standard AS3745-2010. Evacuation drill is carried out at client’s premises.

During evacuation drill, the trainer observes the length of time from the start of evacuation up to the end (last person to reach the assembly area) and records the timing. The trainer also observes how smoothly the evacuation drill progresses from start to finish. Based on the observations made during evacuation, list of points will be noted by the trainer to be addressed or remedied. This may also raise a flag to the existing emergency procedure that has been established for the building and need for further Fire Warden Training to the Emergency Planning Committee.

The purpose of evacuation drill is so that everyone in the building is aware of how to evacuate the building quickly, easily and safely.



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