Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers extinguish fire by taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle and also are removing the heat with a very cold discharge.

A popular size CO2 fire extinguisher suitable for computer rooms, schools, shops, transport industry and offices.Our CO2 Fire Extinguisher is Certified and Approved to Australian Standards. It has a limited usefulness on small flammable liquid fires, and cooking oil fires. Carbon dioxide can be used on Class B & C fires. They are usually ineffective on Class A fires.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher (CO2) is used on class B (Flammable Liquid) fires. CO2 is safe to use on electrical fires. CO2 fire extinguishers are come in a variety of sizes and made with lightweight steel cylinders.


CO2 leaves no harmful residue and is suitable for Class B fire risks and safe to use on sensitive class E electrical appliances such as computers, printers and even switchboards.


Co2 fire extinguisher types and technical specifications (An Example)

Types 2Kg 3.5Kg 5Kg
Total Mass 5 kg 9.2Kg 11.90kg
Fire Rating 2B:E 5B:E 5B:E
Approvals AS/NZS 1841.6 AS/NZS 1841.6 AS/NZS 1841.6
Dimensions ( W * H ) 110 x 530mm 140 x 570mm 150 x 660mm
Pressure Test 5 Yearly 5 Yearly 5 Yearly

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