Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Dry Chemical fire extinguishers extinguish the fire primarily by interrupting the chemical reaction of the fire triangle. Today’s most widely used type of fire extinguisher is the multipurpose dry chemical that is effective on Class A, B, and C fires.

This agent also works by creating a barrier between the oxygen element and the fuel element on Class A fires. Ordinary dry chemical is for Class B & C fires only. Dry chemical fire extinguisher will provide you with a high level of protection for your office, shop, storage facility, warehouse.


It is important to use the correct extinguisher for the type of fuel! Using the incorrect agent can allow the fire to re-ignite after apparently being extinguished successfully.


Dry chemical fire extinguisher types and technical specifications (An Example)

Types 1.5Kg 2.5Kg 4.5Kg 9Kg
Total Mass 1 kg 4.15kg 7.14 kg 13.71kg
Fire Rating 1A:20B:E 3A:40B:E 4A:60B:E 6A:80B:E
Approvals AS/NZS 1841.5 AS/NZS 1841.5 AS/NZS 1841.5 AS/NZS 1841.5
Dimensions ( W * H ) 140 x 355mm 115 x 430mm 140 x 515mm 185 x 600mm
Pressure Test 5 Yearly 5 Yearly 5 Yearly 5 Yearly

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